Friday, May 20, 2016

Obiang Sworn in as President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea

At the Palace of Congresses and Conferences in Sipopo, Obiang Nguema Mbasogo S. E. was sworn in as President of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea after winning the country’s recent election.

In his speech, the President highlighted the political maturity shown by the people of Equatorial Guinea in recent years. “Since the beginning of our democratic experiment, the people have shown incredible support in electoral constituencies within and outside the country the political option presented by the Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea, because they understand that the continuity of peace, political stability, economic and social development our country has experienced should not be interrupted.”

The President also thanked the people for the trust they placed in him by re-electing him with 93 percent of the votes. International observers described the election as “transparent, fair, and legal.”

“I’m not President of a district, province or region, much less one ethnic or tribal group,” said President Obiang. “First and foremost, I am President of the Republic and of the entire nation of Equatorial Guinea and, as such, it is my duty and obligation to defend and serve the people, safeguard national unity, territorial integrity, and promote the welfare of all citizens.”

The elections took place in a peaceful and orderly atmosphere across the country with an overwhelming participation of the people of Equatorial Guinea. The President commended the people and said, “Our priority remains the preservation of peace, political stability, permanent dialogue between all political forces, and institutional strengthening in order to make our democracy an instrument to benefit the welfare and development of the nation.”


The President emphasized that the next seven years will be crucial to the development of Equatorial Guinea and invited the people embrace “this renewed spirit and continue our march towards the wellbeing and happiness of the nation.”

Monday, May 16, 2016

President Obiang Welcomes Reverend Jesse Jackson to Equatorial Guinea

Reverend Jesse L. Jackson visited the Republic of Equatorial Guinea between the 1st and 5th of May in order to experience for himself the political and economic  situation in the country and analyze possible cooperation initiatives in education and health with his foundation, Rainbow Push Coalition along with African- American owned institutions that might be interested.

During his stay, Reverend Jackson met  with the President of Equatorial Guinea, His Excellency Obiang Nguema Mbasogo at El Palacio del Pueblo (the People’s Palace). During the meeting Rev Jackson congratulated President Obiang in person for his recent reelection.

Rev Jackson’s delegation was taken to key sites of strategic importance in the country like the newly built African American University of Central Africa, the La Paz Hospitals and the oil facilities at Punta Europa. Thereafter, Rev Jackson joined a meeting that was taken place between government officials and representatives of the oil and gas  industry. On that meeting Rev Jackson mediated on small differences between the two parties and reiterated the strategic importance of the alliance they represent for the development of the country. 

Finally, Reverend Jackson met with leaders of all political parties, including those that did not participate in the last elections,  in order to discuss the current socio political situation in Equatorial Guinea and analyze the General Elections that took place on April 24th. There, Rev Jackson encouraged all political parties to continue with the good work and encouraged them to “ prioritize a spirit of brotherhood within the country in order to prevent Equatorial Guinea from being recolonized” as it is the case with several other African countries currently.

Asked on the matter, Ambassador Miguel Ntutumu Evuna Andeme held very highly this trip and considered that : “these kind of visits are beneficial to both countries since they represent an opportunity to strengthen the already  cordial relations and bring our positions closer with American Institutions; this is the way to promote a deeper and more realistic perspective of our country in contrast to what is usually portrayed in the media”.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Equatorial Guinea Signs Climate Change Agreement At United Nations

Equatorial Guinea joined more than 165 countries today as they pledged their commitment to climate change and signed a historic climate change agreement at a ceremony hosted by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

The UN reported that the signing of the agreement is the first step toward ensuring that the agreement enters into force as soon as possible. After signing, countries must take the further national (or domestic) step of accepting or ratifying the agreement.

This ceremony has set a record for the most countries to sign an international agreement on one day.

Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Agapito Mba Mokuy, on behalf of President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo signed the agreement, which was reached in Paris in December of 2015. Equatorial Guinea’s Ambassador to the United States, Miguel Ntutumu Evuna Andeme also participated in the ceremony.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Equatorial Guinea Ministry of Social Affairs signs Gender Equality Agreement with United Nations

Equatorial Guinea’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Gender Equality, led by Consuelo Ondo Nzang, recently signed gender equality agreements with the United Nations aimed at empowering women.

The agreement strengthens the ties between the Equatoguinean Government and the United Nations. Together they will continue to fight for gender equality.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Minister of Economy, Planning and Public Investment Gives Keynote Speech at the 19th Annual Wall Street Economic Forum

Equatorial Guinea’s Minister of Economy, Planning and Public Investment Bakale Angue delivered the keynote speech at the 19th Annual Wall Street Economic Forum in New York.

Minister Bakale led a Delegation that also featured H.E. Cesar Augusto Mba Abogo, Secretary of State for the Implementation of Plan Horizon 2020, and Equatorial Guinea’s Ambassador to the USA, H.E. Miguel N. Evuna Andeme.

In his speech, Minister Bakale presented Equatorial Guinea as a country that is ready to become a hub for all type of business in the sub-region.

“Investing in Equatorial Guinea is investing in the whole Central African region; the most secure port of entry for American businesses.”

Having completed the first part of the Horizon 2020 Plan, consisting of the establishment of economic infrastructure across the country, Equatorial Guinea is now ready to diversify its economy, which has been overly dependent on the oil sector for the last 20 years, by attracting American investors.

“We believe that the mutually beneficial experience that Equatorial Guinea has had with the American oil companies operating in the country can be applied to other sectors, from finance, to IT, to Tourism,” said the Minister.

Minister Bakale was personally invited by the Reverend Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow-Push Coalition to lead the panel discussing investment opportunities in Africa.

To learn more about the event, visit the Economic Forum website.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

School Transportation Service Underway in Malabo

Under the leadership and vision of Equatorial Guinea’s President Obiang, details for transportation services for school were underway this past week for service in Malabo.

The Ministry of Education and Science is finishing instruction of the monitors and drivers on the conditions and common rules for transport service at the various stations to collect students for school.

President Obiang inaugurates innovative CNG Plant

Equatorial Guinea’s President Obiang inaugurated the pioneering Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) plant to reduce emissions and improve public transportation availability in Malabo and other cities.

The plant is the latest in a series of groundbreaking infrastructure projects by the President and the Ministry of Mines, Industry, and Energy.

The new plant includes a new bus terminal and a natural gas-powered bus fleet, a cooking gas bottling facility, and improved road infrastructure.

“Equatorial Guinea has plentiful natural gas reserves, and it is our goal to provide access to this domestic resource to our citizens. With the introduction of pioneering compressed natural gas infrastructure, we can now offer clean, cost effective gas-powered public transport to the residents of Malabo and Bata,” said the Minister.

The plant is an integral part of Equatorial Guinea’s Horizon 2020 economic development plan, which will allow the country to develop and export technological expertise, as well as provide CNG to neighbouring countries.